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PSAAR Education Offerings

PSAAR offers local classes in Pagosa Springs that can usually (but not always!) be attended via Zoom. Check our Events page for more information on what is being offered in 2024!

Current Schedule - 2024

Thursday, June 6, 2024
NAR Ethics Course (Zoom Only) w/ John Gillam
9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
$55, email to sign up! Fulfills NAR's Ethics requirement for Cycle 7.

Monday, June 17th, 2024
10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
PSAAR Self Defense Class w/ Kevin Blue, $20, max 20 ppl
181 South 7th St., Pagosa Springs, CO

New Member Orientations:
Thursday, June 20th, 2024
1 pm – 4 pm
PSAAR Office - 190 Talisman Suite D-5
Thursday, Sept 19th, 2024
1 pm – 4 pm
PSAAR Office - 190 Talisman Suite D-5
Thursday, Dec 12th, 2024
1 pm – 4 pm
PSAAR Office - 190 Talisman Suite D-5

Basic Education Information that ALL COLORADO REALTORS® should know.

Education Requirements – You are required to complete 24 hours of Continuing Education (CE) within each of your licensing periods. Of those 24 hours, 12 of them will be the ACU Class that you are required to complete every year (each class is 4 hours long; hence, 4 hours x 3 classes = 12 hours). You may chose any electives you wish for the remaining 12 hours as long as they count toward CE credit. Continuing Education Classes are available at PSAAR and other boards, but you may also take classes online. You are not required to submit proof that you have completed your 24 hours of education unless DORA requests it during an audit. During an audit, you will need to submit all your certificates.

Tracking your Education – There is no single entity, except YOU, that keeps track of all the education you have taken. You can access your education transcripts through the CAR website but it will only display the classes you took through CAR and VANED.  It is important that you keep a file, during each of your 3 year licensing periods, containing all of your certificates. This way, during an audit, you will not be scrambling around at the last minute trying to remember what you took 2 years ago.

To access your Education Transcript on CAR’s website go to; click on MEMBER FUSE LOGIN at the top of the page and login with your email address and password. If you have never signed into the website, click Reset Password to receive an email allowing you to set the password. After logging in, click on My Transcripts from the menu on the left.

Mandatory Courses

The Annual Commissions Update (ACU) Class (formerly known as CREC Update Class) –All REALTORS® are required to take this course EVERY YEAR. The commission, also known as the Division of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), will make available an updated version of this class every January. PSAAR will schedule an Annual Commissions Update class twice a year, in January and December, to help ensure that REALTORS® meet this requirement before their license expires. However, timing still might not work out for some of you, in which case your other option is to take it online through any of our discounted education providers.

NAR Code of Ethics – Besides the ACU Class, the Code of Ethics class is the only other REQUIRED class that must be taken by all REALTORS. NAR and PSAAR require that you take this course once every triennial period starting January 1, 2022.  That means you should have taken it at least once between January of 2022 and December of  2024 and so forth for each triennial period. You may take the 6 hour Ethics and Professional Practices class online; any 4 hour NAR Ethics class online or in a live classroom; or take the 2.5 hour free class online at NAR’s website to meet this requirement.  Upon completion of any online course, or live course not taken at the PSAAR office, please forward your certificate to

For any additional information on any of these education topics please contact PSAAR.


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